Wing Wing

Wing Wing Company Ltd. (Wing Wing) specialize in making Chinese-style pork sausages.

Wing Wing image 2017

The company maintains the reliable approach of using the highest quality ingredients that have made their product successful for over 100 years. Wing Wing makes two types of Chinese style sausages —Lap Cheung pork sausages and Guan Cheung, made from pork and pork liver, offered both whole and diced. Wing Wing uses a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approved manufacturing facility.

Their sausages are noted for being flavourful, with a soft and juicy texture, and a strong and long-lasting aroma after each bite. The sausages can be used to compliment vegetables, tofu, soups, other meats or fish, and can also be prepared using a variety of cooking techniques, such as steaming, boiling, stir frying and barbecuing. The sausages alone are often enough to flavour an entire dish. Wing Wing was incorporated in 1949 in Vancouver. Their recipe was brought to Vancouver from Southern China by the Fong family over 100 years ago. Traditionally, sausages in China were dried outside during the winter months when the humidity was low and drying could be done naturally over a period of days. Now, sanitary, hygienic cook rooms are used to mimic the traditional drying process.