Pulp, paper and wood manufacturing

Last updated on March 26, 2024

Pulp mills, paper mills and wood manufacturing industries, including sawmills, pellet plants and other wood processing facilities, require authorization to discharge to water, land and air.

This sector is regulated by site-specific permits that focus on protecting human health and the environment by minimizing emissions.

Active site-specific permits for in this sector can be accessed at the Public Authorization Site.

Regulations and codes

In many cases, the industries in this sector must obtain site specific authorization, along with complying with all applicable federal and provincial legislation, including but not limited to: 

Wood waste landfills

Wastes from pulp mills, paper mills and wood manufacturing industries that are applied to land or buried are considered discharges to the environment and require permission or authorization.

Industry is encouraged to conserve resources, minimize discharges, reuse and recycle, and restrict its physical footprint on the ground:


Biomass (such as, forest residues, wood chips, and bark) is a common renewable energy source.

It's possible to burn biomass and use the heat created to generate electricity, or convert the biomass into biofuel for future combustion: