Together for Wildlife

Last updated on February 13, 2024

The diversity of wildlife in British Columbia is one of our province’s greatest treasures. The variety of species, ecosystems, and habitats is greater than in any other province in Canada, and some species are not found anywhere else on earth.

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Together for Wildlife strategy

Wildlife is of upmost importance to British Columbians, providing social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits. B.C.'s rich natural diversity is closely linked to our way of life, and is important to ensure that wildlife and their habitats are resilient in the face of challenges like climate change.

Together for Wildlife is the new provincial strategy to improve wildlife and habitat stewardship across British Columbia. The Together for Wildlife strategy includes additional funding, proactive objectives, and improved data and knowledge - all supported by new policies, strong partnerships, and dedicated resources.

Our vision:  Wildlife and their habitats thrive, are resilient, and support and enrich the lives of all British Columbians

The Together for Wildlife strategy commits to 5 goals and 24 actions (PDF 0.7MB) to achieve our vision.

The 5 goals of Together for Wildlife

  • Goal 1: All British Columbians have a voice in wildlife stewardship
  • Goal 2: Data, information, and knowledge drive better decisions
  • Goal 3: Stewardship actions achieve tangible benefits for wildlife
  • Goal 4: Accountability and transparency build trust and confidence
  • Goal 5: Collaboration advances reconciliation with Indigenous governments

Engagement process

The Together for Wildlife strategy was built collaboratively with the following groups:

  • Indigenous peoples
  • rural communities
  • academic institutions
  • a wide range of resource industry stakeholders
  • conservation, hunter, trapper, guide, recreation and tourism stakeholder organizations

During the engagement process, participants shared concerns and ideas for change. They called for sufficient funding, effective legislation, clear objectives, and meaningful on-the-ground work.

Minister's Wildlife Advisory Council

To support the implementation of the Together for Wildlife strategy, B.C.'s first Minister’s Wildlife Advisory Council was announced in August 2020. From an application process, eighteen individuals with diverse geographic, culture and social backgrounds were selected.

Learn more about the Minister's Wildlife Advisory Council

Wildlife and habitat projects

The Together for Wildlife strategy was built on the principle of transparency with a commitment to improve accessibility to information, including all aspects of wildlife stewardship such as   decision-making and the administration of funding. For information about successful projects that are helping to fulfil the vision and purpose of the Together for Wildlife Strategy, click on the link below:

Download the 2020-21 project list

Download the 2021-22 project list

Project details including:

  • Region
  • The applicable Together for Wildlife Action
  • The branch of government responsible for the project
  • Spent funding
  • Final performance reporting regarding project deliverables and outcomes

Together for Wildlife Project Dashboard

Explore an interactive map that displays information about projects funded by the Together for Wildlife strategy and their achievements.

Project dashboard

Together for Wildlife summary
2020-21 Director's Report
2020-21 Director's Report

Contact Information

If you have questions, please contact the Together for Wildlife team