InvasivesBC resources

Materials were developed to provide users with training and guidance on how to use InvasivesBC.  Th documents will be updated as new features are built and future versions of InvasivesBC are released.

On this page:

Reference guide and training materials

Links to access a variety of training videos, and the InvasivesBC User Manual.

InvasivesBC field forms

Fillable PDF forms of the 12 record types are available here for those users that wish to collect the data in the field and then enter it into InvasivesBC via web once they are back in the office.

Request an invasive plant addition to InvasivesBC

To request the addition of an invasive alien plant species to the InvasivesBC application, the requestor must confirm the species is non-native to British Columbia and supply the following to the InvasivesBC Administrator at

  • Common and scientific name of species proposed for inclusion
  • Reason for the request including:
    1. Information on the invasiveness of the species in B.C.
    2. Information on the invasiveness of the species in adjoining jurisdictions

Your request will be reviewed by the InvasivesBC Administrator and forwarded to the Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group for consideration. You will be informed of the decision.

Request an InvasivesBC training session

The Province continues to aim to offer free workshops that focus on:

  • Correctly gathering data in the field
  • Correctly entering data for various activity record types
  • Returning the desired information via use of the correct extracts and reports

If you wish to organize or attend an InvasivesBC training session please contact to inquire about available times in your area. Training videos are also available.