Submit Data to the Conservation Data Centre

The Conservation Data Centre (CDC) relies on scientists and knowledgeable naturalists to help build its database of the locations of species and ecological communities in B.C.

Appropriate data may be:

  • Incorporated into the CDC data systems as a new record(s)
  • Used to update an existing record(s)

All species and ecosystem data is valuable information that can be used to help assess the status of a species or ecosystem. Some data may also be used for mapping purposes.

The CDC focuses mapping efforts primarily on the most at-risk species and ecosystems or on areas of development focus. For this reason not all data submitted will result in a mapped element occurrence. However all data submissions are important input for accurate status assessments.

How to Submit Data

Use the tools listed below to submit data to the provincial data repository managed by the Ecosystems Information Section (EIS).  This ensures that your submission is available in a common location from which the CDC can mine the data and information relevant to its business.  Please note that CDC staff will review the EIS data repositories when a species or community becomes a priority for mapping or status assessment.

To bring your data submission to the attention of the CDC, and for time sensitive submissions, please send an additional email to the CDC team.


Animals, Plants and Lichens

Submit Data & Information

Find links to submit inventory projects and surveys or incidental observations.

Submit Freshwater Mussel Observations



Submit Terrestrial Ecosystem Data and Information Use to submit Ecosystem Mapping projects (including TEM, PEM, SEI, VRI)

Field Manual For Describing Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Field

This manual provides several forms that can be used in field data collection for ecosystem classification and mapping, and wildlife habitat assessments. The Site, Soil and Vegetation forms are specifically related to the identification of ecosystems and provide the best possible data to confirm an ecological community occurrence. The Site Visit (SIVI), a shortened version of these three forms, can also be used.

The Ecosystem Field Form can be found here.

Condition Evaluation  The CDC Condition Evaluation form supports assessment of the practical conservation value of an ecological community occurrence. It is best used with the Describing Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Field forms.