Submit Terrestrial Ecosystem Data & Information

Includes terrestrial ecosystem, terrain, soil or wildlife habitat mapping projects. 

  1. Once funding is in place and the project has been approved and initiated request a Business Area Project Identification number (BAPID) by email
  2. Prior to submitting data, verify that your project follows provincial standards
  3. Zip all project files into one file no larger than 2GB, if the zipped file is too large split the files and submit as part one and part two 
  4. Include BAPID number in file name 
  5. On the data submission page, fill in fields with project information and upload your project zip file using the data submission tool
  6. After submitting your zip file the data submission tool will return a unique URL for each uploaded file, email the unique URL for each file to the data custodian to download your file

Submit Data