Community Energy & Emissions – Resources

In developing the Community Energy & Emissions Inventory the Ministry identified or developed supporting material and research that was instrumental in establishing the methodologies and approach for this community level.

Background Resources

Sector-Specific Resources

Local Government Contributions

  • CEEI Report Review and Comparison to Metro Municipalities (PDF), November 2009
    An analysis by the City of North Vancouver on how the CEEI will enable local governments to evaluate more accurately their current GHG contributions and support the provincial mandate for substantial reductions.
  • 2007 CEEI Reports – User Survey Results (PDF), May 2009
    A short survey posted at the time the draft 2007 CEEI reports were released to solicit feedback from local government staff and others who might use them.

Community Energy and Emissions Planning Resources

Energy and GHG Modelling Resources

International Recognition

  • Review of Energy and GHG Characterization Methods (PDF), March 2009
    Commissioned by Natural Resources Canada on behalf of the Technical Committee on Urban Energy Characterization (TCUEC), a review and evaluation of methods for energy and GHG characterization, including B.C.'s CEEI initiative.

Complementary Data

  • BC Stats Population Data
    A web page providing total population data for municipalities, regional districts and development regions.