Water Sharing Data Licence and Agreement (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Related to Data Sharing

You can discontinue data sharing at any time.  Data that has been shared during the term agreement will remain in the system.

At present, hourly data is the highest resolution being processed.  If you have higher frequency data we will convert to hourly.

Yes, depending on the data transmission, the data is refreshed every 1-2 hours.

Real time data can be in .TXT or in a CSV file format. If data is graded, just have a numeric value showing the grade. It is important to identify what the columns mean in your datafile.

The ID will be assigned provincially as per the Water Survey of Canada sub-basins. The location name should reference the gazetted stream name, with a description of the geographical location.

Greater value will be placed on real time stations that are used for flood or drought monitoring and/or stations in streams that have environmental flow needs.


Related to the Real Time Water Data Tool

No, a stream profile cannot be created in the Real-time Water Data Tool however the data is made available in machine readable format in the Data Catalogue for use in other analysis tools.