Data Submission Format

Photo Credit: BC Snow Survey Program Types of accepted continuous water data

Below are two types of formats that we accept: Time Series File Format and Field Visit File Format.

1. Time Series File Format

Station Name or ID and date range in the file name e.g. Site123_20181009_20181010

Comma delimited format (.csv or .txt)

  • Column 1 – Date and Time – yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM (hourly frequency)
  • Column 2 – Parameter Value
  • Column 3 – Parameter Value
  • Column 4 – Parameter Value
  • Column 5 – Parameter Value

*An additional column can be added for data grade if data is graded as per standards – please see RISC Hydrometric Grade table 1.1 and Grade Codes

Hydrometric Grade Table in csv format

Above: .csv format

Hydrometric Grade Table - TXT format

Above: .txt format

2. Field Visit File Format (Hydrometric)

The following data formats are supported for hydrometric field visits:

  • AquaCalcPro
  • HFC
  • FlowTracker DIS and FlowTracker2
  • WinRiverII HydroML
  • SonTek ADCP
  • Scottech STIL Gauging Logger

Delimited files are accepted for all parameters for field visits.  The acceptable format is below:

  • Column A – Measurement Number (required for field measurements)
  • Column B – Date and Time – yyyy/mm/dd HH:MM (note time zone – PST, PDT, UTC)
  • Column C – Discharge (note the unit and whether value is Raw or Corrected)
  • Column D – Level
  • Column E – Channel Width
  • Column F – Channel Area
  • Column G – Velocity
  • Column H – Data Grade (as per RISC Hydrometric Standards)
  • Column I – Method (used to collect the data)
  • Column J – Conditions (weather)

Example of file format multiple parameters (csv) below:

Example of file format multiple parameters (csv)

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