Well Records and Registration

The Provincial Groundwater Wells and Aquifer (GWELLS) application indicates wells that are currently recorded in the provincial database. As of February 29, 2016, when the Water Sustainability Act (WSA) came into force, well drillers and well pump installers are required to submit well reports within 90 days after constructing, altering or decommissioning a well.

Registering your well creates a record on the Provincial Groundwater Wells and Aquifer (GWELLS) application of your water use, which helps ensure that your use is considered in decision making and during times of water scarcity.

Well form and identification plate requirements vary depending on the well class and when it was constructed/altered/decommissioned. Learn more about Well Form and ID Plate Requirements for Domestic Well Owners (PDF, 15KB).

If your well was constructed or altered after February 29, 2016, and you cannot find your well on the database, please contact Groundwater@gov.bc.ca.

If you have a well that was dug or excavated (since February 2016) that is not registered you, as the well owner, need to submit a well construction report and/or a decommission report within 90 days after completion of the works for water supply wells to the Comptroller of Water Rights and the well owner.

If your well is not used exclusively for a domestic purpose, you may be required to obtain a groundwater licence. For information about non-domestic groundwater use, please visit: Non-domestic Groundwater Use.