Installing a Well Pump

The Groundwater Protection Regulation (GWPR) lists the rules and requirements for installing well pumps.​

Talk to your registered well pump installer to ensure that he or she:

  • Installs the well pump in such a way that the well and the pump comply with the GWPR
  • Maintains or restores the integrity of the surface seal for the well
  • Holds the appropriate ticket to safely and properly wire the pump to the electrical fittings, if he or she will be completing that work
  • Maintains the casing stick-up above ground
  • Disinfects the well
  • Replaces the well cap and cover when work is complete

Test your water to ensure that it is suitable for the intended use prior to putting your well into service. Your well pump installer should be able to help you find advice and services to treat your water if necessary.

 Hiring a Well Pump Installer

Installing a pump in a well is a restricted activity in B.C., and in most cases may only be performed by a registered well pump installer.  Registered well pump installers are certified to work in the province. A registered well pump installer will install a pump in compliance with the regulations.