Information Kit

Do you have tips for communicating about my claim or appeal?

These techniques are useful when you are talking to staff at WorkSafeBC, the
Review Division, and the Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal.

  •  Keep accurate and current information in writing. This includes taking notes of phone calls (with dates and times and who you have been talking to). Keep copies of all documents that you send to WSBC. Note when you sent them and how (registered mail, fax, etc.).
  • Even though it is your claim and what happens is very important to you, try to be as objective as possible.
  • When you are dealing with WSBC, be assertive but do not lose your temper. Having a friend or relative go with you to a meeting can help you stay calm. If you find yourself losing your temper on the phone, tell the person that you will call them back when you are calmer.

How can I find out what is in my WorkSafeBC file?

In most cases, all the information about your claim is in your claim file.

Occasionally, WorkSafeBC will have information about you in other files. For example: if the WorkSafeBC Investigations Department has observed your activities, the results of the investigation may be in an investigation file, but not in your claim file.

How can I view my claim information?

he fastest way to get details about your claim information is to view claims online through WorkSafeBC's secure portal. If you prefer, you can Request a copy of your claim, and WorkSafeBC will send the information to you. If you initiated your claim before May 2009, it will not appear online so you must make a request to WorkSafeBC in writing.