Local Economic Development Surveys

Last updated on January 30, 2023

The Province of B.C. checks in with communities and shares this information back to support your economic development needs, approaches, and goals. Below are survey results we hope will help you better understand B.C.’s economic development landscape.

First Nation Community Economic Development Survey

The Province of B.C. and the Indigenous Business and Investment Council partnered with the BC Assembly of First Nations, the New Relationship Trust and the University of Victoria’s National Consortium for Indigenous Economic Development on the First Nations Community Economic Development Survey.

The Survey offers insight on how First Nations experience, coordinate and deliver economic development. It establishes a baseline for Indigenous community economic development in B.C.

The findings are based on 209 responses including:

  • 113 Chiefs and Councillors
  • 38 First Nation Economic Development Corporations
  • 58 First Nation Economic Development Managers

The responses came from across all eight of B.C.’s economic development regions. The Survey included 75 communities which are at least partially urban.

Two versions of the Survey are available:

2018 Local Economic Development Survey Results

The Province of B.C. partnered with the Union of British Columbia Municipalities for the 2018 survey.

The results provide insights including:
  • How economic development is delivered and funded
  • What communities see as their priorities, assets, and challenges
  • The shape of partnerships in B.C.
  • Deeper dives into things like sustainability, tourism, and small business

Three versions of the results are available:

2016 Local Economic Development Survey Results

The 2016 survey, done in partnership with the BC Economic Development Association and the Union of BC Municipalities, looks at economic development structures, priorities, collaborations, and challenges.

Three versions of the results are available:

We hope this information will help guide your own collaborations and decision-making. If you have any questions about the surveys or the analysis, please reach out to economicdevelopment@gov.bc.ca.

Read the 2018 Complete Findings

Email us at economicdevelopment@gov.bc.ca for the full results.