Transition from BC OnLine to the BC Registry application

The BC Registry application was developed as part of a phased, multi-year modernization initiative to replace and improve all BC Registry and BC OnLine applications.

Get started

You'll need a new account to use services that have moved from BC OnLine to the BC Registry application.

You will need to select a  premium account. A premium account is required for BC OnLine users to:

  • Complete an unlimited number of transactions a month
  • Have unlimited users
  • Pay with pre-authorized debit or a BC OnLine account
  • View and export transaction history or financial statements

The prime account holder of an existing BC OnLine account must set up the premium account. They will become the BC Registry application account administrator.

If you currently have a basic account you will need to deactivate your account. 

  • ADMINS can deactivate this account by logging in, click “Account Info” 
  • click “Deactivate Account”.

Once the basic account is deactivated, you will need to complete account set up again, using a premium account. 

how to deactivate your business registry account

BC OnLine user IDs and passwords will not be added to the BC Registry application.

Each team member must be invited to join the account by an account administrator or coordinator. Once they accept the invitation, they'll need to verify their identity using a BC Services Card app or BCeID and 2-factor authentication. This will ensure no one is impersonating you or committing identity theft. Verifying your identity is necessary to enhance transparency, protect British Columbians and ensure lawful transactions.

Note: If you use mobile BC Services Card, you won’t need to remember a user ID and password.

Find out how to add users to your account

If you choose to have a premium account, you can link to a BC OnLine account or pre-authorized debit account to automatically make payments. Learn about other payment options

Pre-authorized debit

Set up a pre-authorized debit account

Note: If you want to switch the payment method from BC OnLine to pre-authorized debit, you will need to use your BC OnLine deposit account until the confirmation period ends, then you can switch over.

BC OnLine account

Link your BC Registry application account to your BC OnLine account by entering a BC OnLine Prime Contact user ID and password.

BC OnLine deposit account payment options

Transactions completed using a BC OnLine account as a payment method (for premium accounts) in the Business Registry will also show in BC OnLine reporting. BC OnLine will continue to provide the same reports as it does today.

You will also see financial statements and transaction history in the account settings of your premium account, but only for transactions purchased in the new Business Registry.

File on behalf of multiple businesses using the “Manage Businesses” tab. Businesses can also be connected so you and your team members can easily access them.

Find out how to manage businesses