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Societies Act amended  

October 6, 2021

Amendment to the Societies Act were introduced on October 6, 2021. The original Act provided societies with a user-friendly legislative framework, that gave them greater flexibility in their internal governance, and ensured transparency and accountability. The purpose of the amendments is to refine the Societies Act by making it more user-friendly and increase flexibility. Many of the amendments were identified by members of the public, societies, and the legal community and were developed in close consultation with the corporate registry.  To maintain consistency, related amendments to the Business Corporations Act and the Cooperative Association Act are also being proposed.

Update for member-funded societies
Exclusion for COVID-19 relief funding

July 12, 2021

The Societies Regulation is amended to exclude government funding received during the provincial state of emergency and in connection to the COVID-19 pandemic from the limit on government funding that member-funded societies can receive.

Legislative amendments now allow companies, cooperative associations and societies the option of holding fully virtual meetings on a permanent basis. This replaces Ministerial Order M116. As a result of this change, articles, bylaws and rules will no longer be overridden to allow for electronic meetings. However, a company, cooperative association or society may choose to hold a meeting either fully electronically, partially electronically or in person and restrict or set out requirements for electronic meetings in its articles, rules or bylaws.


February 17, 2021 - New tool to help entrepreneurs select the best form of ownership

The new Business Structures Wizard helps entrepreneurs better understand their entity options (i.e., sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporation) and the implications of each structure as related to liability, financing and succession prior to registration. It also provides easier access to government services, helps avoid confusion and reduces errors in the registration process.


June 9, 2020 - Extraprovincial registration for corporations and limited partnerships and new online forms

BC Registries and Online Services now uses a new multi-jurisdictional registry access service (MRAS) to exchange information with other jurisdictions in Canada. MRAS is technical solution for jurisdictions to share information, whether or not the jurisdiction is a NWPTA partner, and supports a cross Canada initiative to “harmonize” extra-provincial corporate registration. Effective June, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, and Corporations Canada will leverage MRAS to share information. MRAS will exist behind the scenes and you will continue to use Corporate Online as your log in service to complete filings. There is no need to log in to MRAS.

The new solution replaces the current mechanism to exchange information and fulfill the commitment under the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA). If you need to update your company’s extraprovincial registration in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba, complete your filings in the appropriate jurisdiction. NWPTA will remain in effect, including the benefits of free filings for NWPTA Partners.

Six new extraprovincial self-serve filings are now available using Corporate Online:

  • Notice of Appointment of Attorney
  • Notice of Revocation of Appointment of Attorney
  • Notice of Change of Address of Attorney
  • Change of Head Office or Jurisdiction
  • Notice of Change of Extraprovincial Name
  • Notice of Ceasing to Carry on Business in BC

To access these filings you will need to set up a company password for your Extraprovincial company followed by a Customer Profile ID.  Information on how to complete these tasks are available on the Corporate Online service menu.