Appoint a liquor licence representative

If you have a liquor licence, you can appoint a representative to oversee the day-to-day operation of your business. A representative takes specific actions on your behalf.

To appoint, change or remove a representative, notify the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) through the online Liquor and cannabis licensing portal.

Notify the LCRB

Licensee representative actions

The form allows you to choose what actions you want to assign to the licensee representative. Once you've appointed a representative, you're legally bound to the actions they take.

Examples of specific actions include

  • Communicating with the LCRB
  • Signing a licence change application
  • Acting as the application contact
  • Attending enforcement hearings

Authorized signatory

Only an authorized signatory can assign a licensee representative. Identifying the authorized signatory depends on the type of licensee or applicant.

If the licensee/applicant is a

Sole proprietor

  • The authorized signatory is the individual themselves


  • The authorized signatory is a duly authorized signatory, usually an officer or a director

General partnership

  • The authorized signatory is one of the partners

Limited partnership

  • The authorized signatory is the general partner of the partnership


  • The authorized signatory is a director or a senior manager, as defined in the B.C. Societies Act


There is no cost to appoint a licensee representative.

To apply

Apply online through the Liquor and cannabis licensing portal.