Expectations for the K-12 Sector at Each Stage

The focus for the K-12 sector is to maximize in-school attendance while ensuring health and safety measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission are in place.

School districts and independent school authorities should have the necessary plans in place to be able to shift between stages if and when required.

Last update: March 09, 2021

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Expectations for all Stages

  • School districts/authorities must:
    • Provide 100% instruction split between in-class and self-directed/remote learning as required for each specific stage
    • Ensure schools monitor student contact and/or attendance (as appropriate per stage) and follow up to ensure there are supports in place for families
    • Apply the principles of equity and inclusion in their decision-making regarding services and supports for students, families and staff
    • Regularly consult with First Nations to discuss the provision of educational services and transportation for First Nations students, with an understanding of the historical impact of pandemics on First Nations communities and the ways in which that may impact the decisions of First Nations governments, parents and students
      • Where a Local Education Agreement is in place, engage with First Nations to review and amend agreements as necessary in response to the pandemic
    • Collaborate with local unions, community partners and their school medical health officer regarding development, implementation and review of stage-specific plans
  • School districts/authorities should:
    • Continue to incorporate social and emotional learning, support a whole-child approach, and recognize that students may need additional supports to transition into new or different routines
    • Provide regular information updates for all students and families through school/district communications, including any changes made to instructional delivery
    • Regularly engage with all Indigenous parents and caregivers to ensure that Indigenous students are provided with equitable, culturally appropriate education supports regardless of stage
  • Parents/caregivers have the choice to enrol their child in an educational program offered by a public or independent school (including “bricks and mortar” and distributed learning schools) or to register their child for homeschooling prior to the start of the school year
    • Parents/caregivers can choose a different option during the school year, based on program availability and in accordance with applicable school district or independent school authority policies and procedures

Expectations by Stage

Expectations by Category