ILRR Registered Interests

 The Integrated Land & Resource Registry (ILRR) provides information on over 280 different legal interests on Crown land including tenures, regulated uses, land and resource use restrictions, and reservations. There are over 2.8 million interests registered in the ILRR, of which 800,000 are active.

Interest Types

View an alphabetical listing of all current registered interests in the ILRR:

Learn how to query data on popular interest types by reading the ILRR quick reference guides below.

Natural resource interests

Land use interests

Land ownership interests

The ILRR provides private land information where it is available. Currently, there is no complete seamless private land survey fabric available for the Province of B.C. Other sources of information on private land:

Environmental interests

Interest Conflicts

The Province of British Columbia issues leases, licenses and permits that allow or limit various uses of Crown land and resources. Several activities may occur on the same land base, provided the purposes are compatible. This can become complex due to differences in resources, tenure terms and conditions, and changing land use expectations.

The ILRR can display conflicting interests to assist users in determining where and how much a specified area overlaps a selected interest. Users may generate a conflict report, constraint report or combined report with this information.

Learn how to view conflicting interests and generate reports in the ILRR: