ILRR Custom Queries

The Integrated Land & Resource Registry (ILRR) is available to business and government users. ILRR users can build custom status queries, save and share queries, and generate reports.

Parameter Validation

On the ILRR Main Menu, select Custom Status to build a custom status query.

For your query to be successful, the individual parameters you select must conform to certain parameter validation criteria.

The following is a list of all validation criteria:

  • Interest Type: At least one (1) interest type must be selected
  • Interest Agency: At least one (1) interest agency must be selected
  • Location: At least one (1) location type must be selected
  • Term or Other Dates: If you activate a date type by clicking a checkbox, you must type in the date using the format "yyyy/mm/dd" or choose a date using the calendar function
  • Interest Holders: If you activate a radio button (Organization or Individual/Partner) and perform a search, you must select one (1) or more checkboxes from the search results list
  • Interest Status: At least one (1) interest status type must be selected
  • Interest Size: If you activate a radio button, you must enter a size greater than zero (0)

This table lists valid and invalid parameter combinations:

Query Validation

When you have finished selecting your parameters, click the Submit button to run your query and generate a report.

The ILRR validation processes help to control the size or time to run the queries. After submitting your query, the system looks at the combination of parameters selected and performs a validation.

This table lists query validation criteria:


A query can fail if there are too many records being requested from the database. If the selected geographic area is too large, or not enough detail is provided, the query may fail.

There are three types of errors that can cause your custom query to fail:

  • There is an error in an individual parameter screen
  • The combination of parameters selected does not conform to query validation criteria
  • Query parameters are too specific and there are no records that match this query

Saving a Query

After creating a Custom Status, select Save Query to save your parameters in the system.

On the ILRR Main Menu, select My Queries and Notifications to find your saved queries. Run, modify, copy or delete any of your saved queries.

Create a notification based on your query if you would like to receive an email when something changes in your area of interest.

Sharing a Query

The Save Query function in ILRR preserves query parameters, not query results. Provide other users with access to your query by adding their BCeID or IDIR in the Save Query window.

Ways to share the results of your custom query:

  1. On the “Generate Report: Display Options” screen, select either the File or Batch option to output the results in CSV, GML, PDF or RTF file formats
  2. After you have run the query, use the Print to PDF function

The query results will reflect the access permissions the person running.