Land Use

The Provincial Government develops, manages and maintains the fundamental datasets for determining land ownership, rights and jurisdiction in British Columbia.

Land that can be owned in B.C. is divided into parcels. Land parcels may be owned by governments, companies, organizations or persons. A cadastre is a register that describes the ownership, location and dimensions of land parcels.

Integrated Land & Resource Registry

The Integrated Land & Resource Registry (ILRR) is a consolidation of land rights and legal interests in British Columbia, including information on Crown land status.

Crown Land Registry

The Crown Land Registry (Tantalis) is an internal B.C. Goverment database application used to record rights, interests and encumbrances on Crown land under the legislative requirements of the Land Act.

Integrated Cadastral Fabric

The Integrated Cadastral Fabric represents the current state of surveyed and titled parcels on Crown and private land.

Contacts for First Nation Consultation Areas

The Contacts for First Nation Consultation Areas Public Map Service provides preliminary contact information for First Nations who may have treaty or established rights or, assert aboriginal rights or title within the area queried. These contacts are based on knowledge currently available to the Province.