Integrated Cadastral Fabric

Since 2001, GeoBC has maintained much of the ICF on behalf of the Integrated Cadastral Information (ICI) Society. The ICF was developed to support the business needs of the ICI Society partners who have a common interest in the management and distribution of current parcel and land ownership information.

In January 2021, GeoBC discontinued updates to the ICF as part of a phased ICF retirement plan. The next phase is complete, which saw ICF data layer in the B.C. Geographic Warehouse substituted for the Parcel Map BC dataset. The ICF data no longer available

Retirement of CBM - Integrated Cadastral Fabric (ICF)

The Integrated Cadastral Fabric (ICF) has been  retired from the B.C. Geographic Warehouse (BCGW) as ParcelMap BC (PMBC) is now the authoritative, up-to-date source of B.C. cadastral information. .