Last updated on October 18, 2023

Financial and educational support for a growing career

We can help you achieve your accounting designation and give you the leadership skills that will take you where you want to go. You'll have access to scholarship programs, mentoring, on-the-job training and we'll forgive your B.C. student loans.

A culture of learning

As our employees strengthen their skills, our entire public service is strengthened along with them. We support our employees throughout their careers with introductory programs and resources and help in connecting with peers across our ministries along the way.

As you begin to chart your career path, find out about the learning opportunities (IDIR restricted) the BC Public Service has to offer. Courses in computer applications, project management and leadership can be accessed from anywhere in the province, which include formal, informal and experiential learning opportunities to grow your career.

At every point, you'll have ongoing opportunities to try out new projects and roles that interest you.

Certification and education through Pacific Leaders

If you want to get your accounting designation or reach higher levels of certification, the BC Public Service can help.

Our Pacific Leaders program offers up to $7,500 in scholarships for tuition and books and forgives one-third of your B.C. student loan for each year of service after you finish your education, which means your entire provincial loan could be forgiven in just 3 years.

Pacific Leaders can even benefit your family. Each year, we offer 60 scholarships of $2,500 each to children of B.C. public servants.

Financial management certification

Junior level finance employees can further their careers through our Financial Management Certificate Program (FMCP). This program is offered in cooperation with our Learning Centre.

This program provides training in financial management and control, helps you upgrade your professional accounting certification and provides 3 levels of recognized qualification for junior and intermediary finance and auditing officer positions.

FMCP graduates have more opportunities to advance and are given the full support of the Office of the Comptroller General as they seek professional CMA or CGA accounting designations. Courses may be taken through distance education or at post-secondary institutions in British Columbia.

Our employee promise

The BC Public Service Agency strives to make sure that every employee of the BC Public Service:

  • Has the knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve our current and future objectives
  • Has a workplace that is safe, healthy and supportive
  • Is part of a versatile and adaptive workforce
  • Understands how their work contributes to the goals of government
  • Exhibits the highest standards of conduct