Work Environment for Corrections Professionals

Correctional Centres are complex and dynamic workplaces where safety and security are top priority and no two work days are ever the same.

What to Expect on the Job

A Correctional Centre is quite different from other work environments. We rely on our Correctional Officers to ensure the safety and security of inmates and our communities 24 hours a day, seven days a weekso expect to work night and weekend shifts. All of our centres are secure facilities, meaning every movement is monitored and controlled.

Correctional Officers are in direct contact with inmates throughout the day. Some people find comparing a Correctional Centre to a small city helpful in understanding the complexity of our facilitiesmost aspects of your life, such as food, shelter, health care, recreation, education and spiritual support are provided within a Correctional Centre. There are living units where inmates sleep, eat, watch TV, make phone calls and visit with each other. Outside of the living unit, inmates have access to a health clinic, library, visit room, recreation facilities and school classroom. Many centres also operate vocational programs where inmates work, like our carpentry shops, bicycle repair shop and greenhouses.

As a Correctional Officer starting out, you can expect to work in a living unitensuring safe and secure custody of inmates, leading them through their daily routines, and assisting them with various requests. Throughout your career, you may want to vary your experience and work in other areas of the centre. Many officers work a number of posts like sentence management, health care or inmate programs during their careers; others find their niche and prefer to stick with it.

To maintain a safe and secure environment, officers are provided with various tools, such as extensive and ongoing training, a supportive team of experienced officers ready to lend a hand, and a network of technology that keeps them connected throughout the facility.

See for Yourself

We insist you get a taste of the job before making a final decision. Throughout your application process, we encourage you to meet your recruiting officer at the Correctional Centre. Ask all of your questions and do your research. As you progress through the screening process, you'll be scheduled for a job exposure day where you'll observe a day in the life of an active Correctional Officer.