Career Path for Corrections Professionals

Officers enjoy many opportunities for career mobility and growth, including moving up the ranks and working in different program areas at facilities throughout the province.

Opportunities for Growth

A career in BC Corrections presents many opportunities to take on new posts or move to a whole new position with different responsibilities.

  • Living Units - Officers supervise and manage inmates through daily routines. They're critical to the overall operation of the centre and are the inmate's first point of contact.
  • Programs - May include a variety of tasks, including delivering correctional programs that address thought patterns, behaviour and lifestyles that are known to contribute to crime; liaising with volunteers; facilitating visits; supervising; recreation; escorting inmates or contractors within the centre; supervising the library and assisting the health care centre.
  • Control - Key in responding to emergencies; monitor and manage surveillance, security and communication systems.
  • Records - Responsible for managing movement of inmates between courts and other provincial and federal centres.
  • Classification - Determines where an inmate is placed within the Correctional Centre considering multiple complex factors.
  • Tactical Teams - Specially trained officers who respond to centre emergencies.
  • Critical Incident Response Teams - Specially trained officers who provide support to colleagues in times of stress.
  • Honour Guard - Formal group of officers who represent Corrections in ceremonies, parades, funerals and memorial events.

Start as a Security Officer

As a paramilitary structure, the entry rank and training position is a Security Officer. While working as a Security Officer, you'll gain experience in a variety of settings within the centre. After completing the required training, you'll be promoted to Correctional Officera rank that will be identified by a single chevron on your uniform.

Seek New Challenges as a Correctional Officer

Throughout your career as a Correctional Officer, you'll have numerous opportunities to develop new skills and challenge yourself in new posts. A variety of service areas and programs within provincial Correctional Centres gives employees opportunities to try new things, and with ten centres throughout the province, each with different advantages, BC Corrections can continue to meet your lifestyle priorities as they evolve.

Career Paths in BC Corrections

Our Correctional Officers are supported by a variety of other Corrections professionals within our centres. They include instructors, supervisors and managers. After you've gained experience as a frontline officer, you may wish to apply for other positions in the Correctional Centres. Ongoing discussion with your performance supervisors will help form a plan to prepare you for future opportunities.