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After reviewing the information on this site, you may still have some questions. We're here to provide you with answers.

Recruiting Officers are Here to Help You

BC Corrections has a dedicated provincial Recruitment Team ready to assist you with the application process and answer your questions. As experienced officers who've worked in a variety of posts, they offer valuable insight into the Correctional Officer role. They're also actively involved in screening applications, tests, and interviews.

For recruiting information, please email or phone us at 604-476-2661.

Additional Questions & Answers

Will I earn vacation and benefits?

  • Yes. All new officers are offered regular status employment as an employee of the BC Public Service with full health and dental benefits, vacation, pension, life insurance, and access to numerous employee programs and services. In a full-time position, you'll work 70 hours biweekly.

What are the hours of work?

  • A Correctional Centre must be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The majority of our staffing complement works during the day and afternoon periods with a reduction to minimal staffing at night.
  • All successful candidates are assigned to a post with a regular shift pattern such as four days on, four days off; four days on, two days off; or Monday to Friday.
  • Because the needs of every centre vary, it's important to clarify with your Recruiting Officer the details of the position you are being offered and how it meets your employment requirements.

How much does a Correctional Officer earn?

  • Correctional Officers progress through the Correctional Officer growth series steps from training to the full working level upon successfully completing the associated training, the required number of hours, and a satisfactory performance appraisal.