How to Create a Hiring Request

Before you begin, gather all of the information you need to begin your hiring request, including a position number and job profile or job description. If you don't have an updated job profile, please visit the Job Store for one-stop access to pre-written and pre-approved generic job profiles. If you require assistance obtaining a position number or need help customizing an existing job profile, please submit an AskMyHR service request.

Watch this video to learn how to create a hiring request.

How to Create a Hiring Request

Read the video transcript (PDF, 272KB)

Follow these steps to submit a Hiring RequestRestricted Access

  1. Click on Post a Job
  2. Select your Hiring Need: Click the down arrow beside ‘Which service do you require?’ Choose the best option for your hiring needs
  3. Enter your contact information and a secondary contact name if available
  4. Enter the position details in the corresponding fields. The position number or Job Store number is required. If you don't have a position number, visit the Job Store for pre-approved job profiles or submit an AskMyHR service request. Position numbers may be available on your Ministry’s organization charts
  5. Use the additional comments box to record specific posting information (for example, a posting longer than two weeks, a position location update, multiple locations)
  6. Attach the job profile or job description and any other documents (draft posting or questionnaire).  
  7. Submit your hiring request. You will be prompted to complete any required fields that were missed

An automatic email with your ticket number will confirm that your submission was successful. Record your ticket number as you will need it to manage your competition

Hiring Operations will contact you to discuss the next steps in your hiring request. If you need to update your request, go to your AskMyHR service history.

Unless otherwise indicated, your position will be posted for two weeks.

Posting Multiple Vacancies

Multiple vacancies at the same classification only need one hiring service request. Fields to enter multiple position numbers are automatically on the form when you enter more than one vacancy.

If you're posting multiple positions where the job requirements are different, you'll need to create separate hiring service requests for each posting.

Manage Your Competition

Once your vacancy is posted, use the Recruitment Management System (RMS)Restricted Access to view interest in your posting, review and print resumes and approve offers.

See Recruitment Management System Resources for information about how to use the recruitment management system.

Position Screening Designation

A position's responsibilities determine whether security screening is required. Complete a Position Screening Designation (PDF, 488KB) to establish the security screening requirements for a new position or an existing position where the duties have changed.

Position Information Change

To change the job title or other information about the position, submit an AskMyHR service request.