Job Posting Tips

Cover your bases before posting a job.

Posting Duration

Regular positions in the BCGEU and BCNU must be posted for a minimum of 14 days. This gives applicants enough time to view and respond to the posting. If you're posting in the summer or close to a holiday, you may need to post for longer than usual to attract enough applicants.

Where to Find Applicants

Before you start recruiting, define the size of your search area. Think about where qualified applicants are most likely to be and decide how broad or narrow you want the search to be.

Ask yourself:

  • Would this be a good development opportunity for existing staff?
  • Are there likely to be qualified in-service applicants?
  • Is there a demonstrated lack of qualified in-service applicants for this type of position?
  • Is there a high potential of finding qualified applicants locally?
  • Do similar opportunities occur throughout the province (if so, by restricting to a geographic location, you're not blocking career paths for employees in other parts of the province)?

Cover Letter

Indicate in the posting if you'll require applicants to submit a cover letter.

Screening Questionnaire

If you expect a large number of applicants, a screening questionnaire may be a good option. Questionnaires can be created by the BC Public Service Agency (when posting on the BC Public Service Job Postings website) to concisely gather information about applicants' education and experience qualifications.

Geographical Restrictions

Externally posted competitions can't be geographically restricted. Consult with a hiring adviser or AskMyHR for more information on geographically restricting internally posted competitions. Submit an AskMyHRRestricted Access service request using the category A Hiring Manager > Hiring Process > Hiring Restrictions.

Ministry Restrictions

Restricting internal opportunities to ministries is permissible when there are valid reasons to restrict (for example, if the ministry is undergoing a restructuring or workforce adjustment or there is a ministry budget need). However, permission to do so must be obtained from the hiring manager’s Deputy Minister or designate.