Lateral Transfer

A lateral transfer moves an employee to a new position that has the same maximum salary range as their current base position.

General information

  • Lateral transfers can be carried out within a ministry or across ministries, and can be either employer- or employee-initiated
  • Lateral transfers occur only with the joint agreement of both the "sending" and "receiving" organizations
  • Both organizations outline the terms in a written letter and the appropriate authority level from each organization must sign off the letter
  • Lateral transfers do not require a competitive process
  • Lateral transfers may also be temporary, with a defined start and end date
  • A promotional temporary appointment does not qualify the employee to laterally transfer positions with the promotional salary range

Contact AskMyHR if you are considering a temporary lateral transfer.

To fill a position through a lateral transfer

  1. Locate a qualified employee for the opportunity at the same current base position
  2. Seek the appropriate authority to make an offer
  3. Complete past work performance checks and negotiate a start date with the employee's supervisor
  4. Consult with AskMyHR on the preparation of the appropriate lateral transfer offer letter

Lateral Transfers can be used by ministries as part of a managed staffing strategy. Provisions related to lateral transfers are outlined in collective agreements.