Lateral transfer

Last updated: April 17, 2018

A lateral transfer moves a BC Public Service employee to another position that has the same maximum salary range as their current base position.

A lateral transfer for excluded management positions is a movement from one position to another position within the same band and implies the same level of work will be performed at the same salary.

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General information

  • A competition isn't required for a lateral transfer
  • Lateral transfers can be carried out within a ministry or across ministries, and can be either employer or employee-initiated
  • Lateral transfers occur only with the joint agreement of both the 'sending' and 'receiving' organizations
  • Lateral transfers may also be temporary with a defined start and end date. If you have questions regarding a temporary lateral transfer, contact AskMyHRRestricted Access by submitting a service request using the categories A Hiring Manager > Hiring Process > Hiring Options & Programs
  • A promotional temporary appointment doesn't qualify the employee to laterally transfer positions with the promotional salary range

Some ministries have an internal lateral transfer policy that outlines their specific steps, criteria, eligibility and expectations. 

Check within your ministry to see if such a policy exists.

The lateral transfer process

To fill a position through a lateral transfer:

  1. Locate a qualified employee for the opportunity at the same current base position
  2. Seek the appropriate authority to make an offer
  3. Complete past work performance checks and negotiate a start date with the employee's supervisor
  4. Consult with AskMyHRIDIR restricted on the preparation of the appropriate lateral transfer offer letter
    Submit a service request using the categories A Hiring Manager > Hiring Process > Hiring Options & Programs

Provisions related to lateral transfers are outlined in the collective agreements.

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