Under certain circumstances, an employee may be under-implemented in a position until they gain the experience, knowledge and skills needed to reach the full working level of a job.

Under-implementing an excluded manager position isn't permitted under the Management Compensation & Classification Framework Compensation Rules (PDF, 423KB).

In the BC Public Service, there are two types of under-implementation. In both cases, a development or growth plan must be in place prior to the employee being under-implemented in a position.

Developmental Positions

When recruitment for fully qualified applicants has been unsuccessful, placing a less qualified applicant in a developmental position may be considered. The advertisement or posting for the position must indicate that applicants may be considered for appointment at a lower level.

A developmental position starts with less than the full range of duties or responsibilities of the full working level position, and the employee is paid at a rate appropriate for the duties they're performing.

A gradual increase in the duties and responsibilities is expected, and progression to the full working level is dependent upon the employee's performance, the experience gained, and completion of any required training.

If you're contemplating creating a developmental position, contact AskMyHR (IDIR restricted) and we'll direct you to a Classification Specialist to help you determine the appropriate classification level. Submit service request using the category My Team or Organization (or) A Hiring Manager > Job Classification > Create a New Position. An updated job description may be required. We also advise you to review the guidelines around salary administration for developmental positions.

Growth Positions

Certain positions have a growth plan that has been negotiated with the union. These growth positions are:

  • Commercial Transport Inspector
  • Community Program Officer - Employment Assistance Worker
  • Correctional Officer
  • Paralegals
  • Social Program Officer
  • Training Consultant

Growth positions require on-the-job experience to reach the full working level of the position. In order to progress from one level to the next, employees must meet certain performance standards and attain a pre-determined number of hours.

Growth positions are advertised at the full working level with a notation of growth to that level and that lesser qualified successful applicants will be appointed at lower levels and trained and promoted to the higher level on the basis of a pre-determined plan.

Growth series plans are established where there are numerous positions that are hard to fill, there are very few fully trained people available, and the training required is only available in government. 

The growth series option provides managers with the expertise they require over time, although it may take a few years before the individual is fully capable of performing all the duties of the position. In the interim, there's a need to spend time training an individual and administering the program.

From the employee's perspective, these programs offer the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, training, and advancement. Learn more about salary administration for growth positions.