Applicant Inventories - Information for Managers

An applicant inventory streamlines the recruitment experience for hiring managers and applicants. Managers have timely access to pre-screened and partially assessed applicants. The inventory may be used to fill regular, auxiliary and temporary opportunities.

Features of an Applicant Inventory

  • Expedited way to fill vacancies
  • Standardized and streamlined screening, testing and assessments
  • An option to assess applicants for job-specific qualifications and refer them directly to you
  • An option for pre-qualified applicants to express interest in and apply to your vacancy
  • Regular inventory replenishment to ensure quantity and quality of applicants

When you submit a hiring request for a position hired through an inventory, you’ll be contacted by a recruiter to discuss the position, the required job qualifications, and how the inventory process works. Your recruiter will work with you to determine the most effective option to fill your vacancy.

Methods for Filling Inventory Vacancies

Inventory Referral

Referral service is the fastest way to fill a vacancy. The recruiter will search the inventory for qualified members and complete further screening based on job specific requirements. A random selection of applicants meeting all job criteria may be used if a business need is identified to expedite the hiring process. The recruiter will contact matched candidates to confirm interest in the referral opportunity. Inventory members that confirm interest in the opportunity will be referred for consideration. You’ll receive candidate questionnaire responses and skill test results. Your recruiter will also provide you with an interview package for the final step. Your recruiter will complete years of continuous service calculation (if applicable), assist with the completion of reference checks (if applicable), and prepare the offer letter and final notification.


Your recruiter will work with you to create your job posting. The opportunity will be advertised on the BC Public Service Job Opportunities website. All inventory members that apply to your posting will be your prospective applicants. After the closing date, you’ll receive a summary of applicants and, if applicable, the questionnaire responses. You’ll conduct screening and any additional assessments as you would in any advertised competition. This may include a written assignment and/or interviews, reference checks, and years of continuous service calculation (if applicable).

Secondary Application

The recruiter will work with you to advertise your vacancy to inventory members. The opportunity will be advertised using an email notification in the form of an “invitation to complete secondary application.”  Inventory members interested in the opportunity will complete a secondary application through their resume profile. You’ll receive a summary of applicants, their secondary application responses, and their assessment results. Applicants who are fully assessed (screening, assessment, and interviews completed prior to becoming an inventory member) will only require the completion of past work performance checks and consideration of years of continuous service in order to make the final hiring decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about applicant inventories.

Visit the Applicant Inventories web page to see a listing of both open and closed applicant inventories.

Where an inventory is established (e.g., Clerk 9, Clerk Steno 9, Financial Officer 18, etc.), it may be a requirement to fill permanent and temporary appointments greater than seven months from inventory.

If you have current regular or auxiliary employees who want to be considered for inventory opportunities, they must be an inventory member to be considered for inventory opportunities.

Typically, an inventory includes both internal and external candidates.

You’ll be able to view candidates who apply for your position in the Recruitment Management System. You can’t view all inventory members, only those who are referred for consideration (mine and referral method), or apply for your position online (post to inventory method).