Applicant Inventories - Information for Managers

An applicant inventory streamlines the recruitment experience for hiring managers and applicants. Managers also have timely access to pre-screened and partially assessed applicants.

Features of an applicant inventory include:

  • Consistent screening criteria for similar positions at the same classification / salary grid
  • Pre-screening and preliminary assessment of candidates
  • The ability to assess candidates for job-specific qualifications and organizational alignment
  • The option to consider employees interested in lateral transfers
  • The ability for pre-qualified applicants to express their interest in your vacancy
  • A refresh of the inventory, as needed, to ensure quantity and quality of applicants

When you submit a hiring request for a position hired through an inventory, you will be contacted by a recruiter to discuss your position, the required job specific qualifications, and how the inventory process works. You may be asked whether you want to consider lateral transfer applicants or applicants in the competitive stream. If applicable, the recruiter will work with you to create your job posting. The opportunity will then be advertised to qualified inventory candidates. Inventory candidates who apply to your posting by the deadline will be your prospective applicants.

After the closing date, you will receive a summary of applicants from Recruitment Services and, if applicable, the questionnaire responses on a screening template. You will then conduct any additional job-specific assessments as you would in any advertised competition. This may include a written assignment and/or interviews, as well as past work performance checks, years of continuous service calculation (if applicable), and criminal record checks (if required). An inventory can also be used to fill auxiliary roles and temporary roles less than seven months.

General Information

Current applicant inventories are listed on MyHR. Where an inventory is established (e.g., Clerk 9, Clerk Steno 9, Financial Officer 18, etc.), it may be a requirement to fill regular, permanent and temporary appointments greater than seven months through the applicant inventory.

If you have current regular or auxiliary employees who want to be considered for inventory opportunities, they must apply to that particular inventory.

To discuss creating a new applicant inventory, contact AskMyHR. Recruitment Services can assist you with creating an applicant inventory and advertising vacancies.

Typically an inventory includes both internal and external candidates.

You are not required to fill an auxiliary position or a position under seven months from an inventory. However, you can use the inventory as an expedient way to access candidates.

You will be able to view candidates who apply for your position as you normally can within the Recruitment Management System. You cannot view all candidates in the inventory, only those who apply for your position.

If you have an employee who has been offered a lateral transfer, expect to be contacted by the hiring manager for a reference check and to negotiate a start date.