Inventory Notification Board

Effective March 13, 2018: Final notifications of appointments for inventory competitions are published on this page.

Requisition Number Job Title Notification Publish Date Notification Expiry Date
47862 Registry Clerk - CLK 09R (PDF, 195KB) 2018-03-19 2018-03-26
48890 Branch Coordinator - CLK 09 (PDF, 195KB) 2018-03-19 2018-03-26
48089 Administrative Assistant - CLK 09R (PDF 195KB) 2018-03-19 2018-03-26
48220 Administrative Assistant - CLK ST 09R (PDF, 195KB) 2018-03-19 2018-03-26
48767 Forest Technologist - STO 18 (PDF, 195KB) 2018-03-19 2018-03-26
48193 Finance and Administration Clerk - CLK 09R (PDF, 195KB) 2018-03-15 2018-03-20
NA Inventory Notification Board Relocation Notice (PDF, 235KB) 2018-03-13 2018-04-13

Applicants who would like more information about the selection process, please go to Applicant Feedback. Any requests for feedback should be directed to the email address indicated in the Notice of Appointment.

If you are current BC Public Service employee and you are unsuccessful in a job competition you have a right to a formal review process.  First step in the formal staffing review is to request feedback from the person responsible for the hiring decision within five days of the PUBLISH Date of the notification of the hiring decision.

  • Notification Publish Date = date a notice is published to this site.
  • Notification Expiry Date = date a notice is removed from this site.

Learn more about the steps in the Staffing Review Process: How to Request a Review of a Staffing Decision (PDF, 357KB)