Screening Applicants

Before you begin the process of reviewing applications, ensure that all applicants meet the eligibility requirements.

Screen for Eligibility

Screening for eligibility is a process that determines who is an eligible applicant. Only those screened through will be considered further in the staffing action.

For every staffing action, all applicants must meet the basic criteria of a minimum age of 16 and be eligible to work in Canada. Other criteria may include

  • In-service eligibility. If an applicant has in-service status at any time during the posting period (such as the period from the date the competition is posted up to and including the competition closing date), they are considered to be an in-service applicant. Auxiliary employees who have worked in excess of 30 days (210 hours) are recognized as in-service applicants and are then eligible to apply for internal positions
  • Eligibility for relocation within two years
  • Geographic restrictions
  • Employment status
  • Designated group membership for staffing actions that are restricted or preferred in support of workplace diversity

Screen for Education & Experience

Screen for education and experience and short list your potential applicants before you begin your assessment. Shortlisting identifies those applicants who have the right qualifications and determines which applicants you will see for further assessment.

The two methods most commonly used to screen applicants are an online self-screening questionnaire and the resume. Screening should be done in the most efficient, job-related, fair, reasonable and consistent manner possible.

It is the responsibility of the hiring manager to clearly identify the qualifications in the job posting and judiciously consider how applicants meet these requirements. Use the Screening Guidelines (DOCX, 141KB) for hiring managers to learn more about the screening process. Shortlisting decisions can be recorded in the Applicant Screening Template (XLS, 16KB) or on the summary of applicants provided by the Hiring Centre.

Following the short list process, you will assess candidates on the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies required to perform the job.