Rating Applicants

Two standardized rating guide templates are available for recording competition results for BCGEU, PEA, nurses, and excluded competitions.

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Rating Guide Templates

These templates will help you record your hiring decisions:

Competition Results Storyline

Use the standardized Competition Results Storyline Template (XLSX, 400KB) template to record and track overall assessment results at every step of the competition. The storyline contains formulas to automatically calculate fields based on the values (scores) you enter. It also can be used to calculate years of continuous service (when applicable). Include your completed storyline in your competition file.

Assessment Scoring Worksheet

The optional Assessment Scoring Worksheet (XLS, 28KB) records and tracks detailed scores from any preliminary assessments, interviews, and past work performance checks. If you use this worksheet, you should also complete the Competition Results Storyline to record the overall results of your competition.

Rating Scales

Communication Skills Marking Guides

If you have any questions or need assistance preparing your rating guide, submit an AskMyHRRestricted Access service request using the category A Hiring Manager > Hiring Process > Assessment & Selection.