Group Aviation Accident Insurance

The Group Aviation Accident Insurance provides protection for employees while traveling by aircraft on government business, including limited ground travel to and from the airport. This insurance provides payment in the event of accidental death, disability or dismemberment.

Employee Coverage

All employees of the BC Public Service who are traveling on government business as passengers on an aircraft are automatically covered. Note that any employees traveling as a pilot, operator, or crew member are not covered.

Employees are covered from their place of employment or residence, whichever may last occur, and end upon returning to their regular place of employment or residence, whichever may first occur.

Plan Benefits

The amounts specified in the policy will be paid to employees in case of disability, and in the case of death, to the employee's beneficiary as designated under the Group Life Plan, if any, or to the employee's estate in the absence of such beneficiary. This Group Aviation Accident Insurance is provided in addition to the group life insurance coverage, if applicable.