Leave for Work Related Requirements for B.C. Government Employees

Leave to Obtain Passport, Visa or Foreign Travel Documents

Excluded employees can take this leave to acquire travel documents needed to travel or relocate to a foreign country for work.

Emergency Service Leave

Leave from work with pay, as required, is granted to employees who are requested by the provincial emergency program or a police authority to assist with emergency operations.

Field Crew Leave & Return to Headquarters

Four consecutive days off with pay are offered to employees who are working in the field and whose duties require them to be on travel status for four consecutive weeks or longer. Specifically, this leave applies to PEA employees, but can also apply to employees in other Bargaining Units where:

  • A ministry grants special time off for them to return to headquarters
  • The employee has been working continuously with the field crew for two weeks or more, away from their headquarters
  • Efficiency and operational requirements will continue to be met while the employee is taking the leave

An allowance is also granted for employees in this situation.

License Renewal

PEA employees are granted time off with pay in order to obtain a certification or specialized license in two instances:

  • When changed requirements to their position make it necessary to acquire the certification or special license
  • To renew a license requiring recurrent certification

Licensing Body Activity Leave

PEA employees holding specialized licenses are able to take leave with pay to participate in activities, such as attending an annual conference hosted by the employee’s licensing body.

A similar type of leave—Leave for Professional Associations/College Duties—is available for employees in the Nurses Union. This leave without pay allows this specific group of employees to attend special membership meetings and annual conferences hosted by professional associations or colleges.

Union Business Leave

When reasonable written notice is given, employees can be granted time away from work with or without pay to care for union business. Some examples are:

  • To attend conventions of the union, committee meetings, executive meetings, and preparatory contract meetings.
  • To carry on negotiations where an employee is on a component bargaining committee.
  • To appear as witnesses before an arbitration board, the Labour Relations Board or the Human Rights Tribunal.
  • To sit as an observer on a selection panel to which an employee has been designated. 

To confirm whether this leave is appropriate for you, submit an AskMyHR using the category Myself (or) My Team or Organization > Leave & Time Off > Special or Other Leaves, or see the Employment Conditions & Agreements for specific provisions for your unit.