Add or Change a Service

Commercial passenger transportation licensees may want to add to, or change, their service.

All licensees with a Special Authorization licence require approval from the Passenger Transportation Board to add or change their service.

General Authorization Licences

Licensees with a general authorization licence who want to add to or change their service may be required to file an application or change their licence type.

The type of vehicle you operate and the service you plan on providing determine what type of licence you need.

Read about Passenger Transportation Vehicle & Licence Types to learn more. If you still have questions after reviewing this content, contact the duty inspector at the Passenger Transportation Branch. The inspector can confirm if the changes you want to make will continue to meet the standards for a general authorization licence or not. 

Special Authorization Licences for Passenger Directed Vehicle(s)

Licensees with a special authorization for passenger directed vehicles (taxis, limousines, other passenger directed vehicles) can apply to add a new service or change an existing service:

Single-Shift Paired Vehicles

Taxi licensees can apply to change their licence to enable single-shift paired vehicles (SSPVs).

For more information on SSPVs, view Guide 10: Designate taxis as SSPVs

Special Authorization Licences for Inter-City Bus(es)

Licensees with a Special Authorization for Inter-City Bus can apply to change an existing route, for example, reduce service or add a new route: