Highway Use Permit - Filming

Film production companies must apply for permission to film on or along a provincial highway right of way.

All personnel working on or along a highway, or those acting on the production company's behalf, including hired contractors, must be:

  • Competent to perform their duties,
  • Adequately trained,
  • Fully instructed, and
  • Supervised

How to Apply

Contact us if you have questions about filming within the provincial highway highway right of way.

Determine how you plan to use the highway for filming and what impacts there will be to locations and traffic. 

Once you've determined the impact—low, medium or high—complete the application form:

Submit your complete application package to filming@gov.bc.ca if you are filming in the lower mainland or to the district office for filming outside the lower mainland.

Application Approval Process

You will be contacted within two business days of receiving the application to confirm if the request can be fulfilled. Applications are processed in the order we receive them. Incomplete applications or understating the impacts of filming on or along a highway will delay the application process.

Estimated Application Timelines

Low impact: 5 business days

Medium impact: 10 business days

High impact: 15 business days, or more


Film production companies are responsible for incidents occurring during or resulting from filming and must carry appropriate insurance. Proof of insurance will be accepted up to two days after the application is made and must be submitted directly from the broker.

Refer to the checklist in the application form for specific insurance requirements.

Safety & Traffic Management

Production companies must protect the safety of the travelling public and film crew during the film project. They must keep themselves fully informed of, and comply with, all federal, provincial, and municipal safety legislation, regulations and bylaw. Traffic management must be in accordance with the B.C. government's traffic management rules:

Community Consultation

Notify all authorities and make specific arrangements for assistance, if required. Other agencies or communities that may be involved are:

  • Local police authorities
  • Emergency services
  • Municipalities
  • Local First Nations communities
  • Regional districts
  • Parks
  • BC Ferries
  • Public transit authorities