Highway Use Permit - Cattle Drives

Farmers and ranchers must get a highway use permit to move livestock from one location to another if the cattle drive crosses a provincial highway.

Contact your local district office and provide general information about the planned drive. We'll advise you which permit you need. Cattle drives are not permitted on highways that carry more than 5000 vehicles a day.

Types of Permits

Highway Carries Less Than 100 Vehicles a Day

If the highway you plan to cross carries less than 100 vehicles per day you are not required to give notice to the district of your planned cattle drive. Contact your local district office to find out if you need to arrange for traffic control. You may be required to carry insurance for the cattle drive.

Highway Carries More Than 100 Vehicles a Day

If the highway you plan to cross carries more than 100 vehicles per day notify your local district office at least three days in advance of the planned cattle drive. You will need to arrange for traffic control and may need to carry insurance for the cattle drive.


Contact us to find out if you need to carry insurance for the cattle drive event.

Permit Renewal

  • Highway carries 500 to 5,000 vehicles per day: Annual renewal
  • Highway carries 100 to 500 vehicles per day: Renew every five years
  • Less than 100 vehicle per day: Renew every five years