Highway Use Permit - Commercial Access

Local governments, developers and property owners must apply for a highway use permit to create or change commercial access off a provincial highway. Access must not interfere with the safety and the efficiency of the highway.

The following is considered when determining commercial access locations:

  • The potential traffic impact of the proposed development
  • The adjacent roadway classification
  • Adjacent roadway traffic volumes
  • Other site-specific conditions

Contact district staff early in the application process to arrange a terms of reference meeting where we’ll outline the level of detail required for the design and review process.

Planning & Designing Access to Developments

Municipalities, developers and consulting professionals must develop detailed plans that address traffic at access points when applying for a highway use permit for access. This may include:

  • A traffic impact study
  • A construction plan
  • Determining traffic control methods, such as speed limit changes and turning lanes
  • Installation of traffic control devices
  • Traffic control in work zones and a plan to reduce potential hazards
  • Traffic and parking considerations

Planning & Designing Access to Developments Manual (PDF, 24MB)


Learn more about the highway use permit application process for access.