Selection Process

Project applications will be evaluated based on how well the project meets the program objectives of economic growth; a cleaner environment; and, stronger communities.

In addition, projects will be assessed based on funding history, regional distribution, community size, and the degree to which they meet the following:

  • represents good value for money;
  • enhances and protects public health;
  • enhances and protects environmental health;
  • supports sustainability principles;
  • consistent with integrated long-term planning and management;
  • utilizes best technologies and practices;
  • demonstrates efficient use of resources;
  • uses new and innovative approaches;
  • supports sustainable long-term economic growth.
  • is situated within, and advances, the sponsoring local government’s development and financial plans;
  • exhibits long-term sustainability, including operational viability, asset management (maintenance), and environmental sensitivity;
  • contributes to environmental, economic, community and innovation objectives;
  • requires the federal and provincial governments’ financial support to enable the proposed project to be implemented, its scope enhanced (increase in size - expressed in the form of a percentage) or its timing accelerated (by number of years);
  • the best available economically feasible technology, if applicable.

There is no maximum award; however the program is intended to help small communities throughout the province.  It is anticipated that there will be significant demand for limited funds.