Highway 1 - Pritchard to Hoffman's Bluff

The Pritchard to Hoffman's Bluff project involved the widening of 5.8 km of highway and other improvements, approximately 10 km west of Chase.

Pritchard to Hoffmans Bluff highway project

Improvements included:

  • Widening of 5.8 km of highway
  • Paved centre median
  • 2.6-metre-wide median with barrier
  • 3-metre-wide paved shoulders
  • Rumble strips
  • Improved access to highway with 1.15 km of new backage roads
  • New protected T-intersection at Stoney Flats
  • Road consolidates two intersections and five private access roads


  • Phase 1, four-laning a 2.8-km section – completed July 2015
  • Phase 2 construction started in 2015 and the new 4-lane section opened to traffic in December 2016.

Project Benefits

  • Increase safety on a section that has a higher-than-average crash rate
  • Improve highway alignment
  • Increase passing opportunities
  • Improve traffic flows
  • Cost shared with federal government

Public Consultation