Highway 1 - Monte Creek to Pritchard

A 10.5 km section of highway has been widened to four lanes at the Monte Creek interchange, 30 km east of Kamloops.

New interchange at Pritchard, before work was completed. This new section of four-lane highway opened to traffic in June 2015.

Phase 1 was completed in fall 2012, expanding a three-kilometre section of the Trans-Canada Highway from two lanes to four lanes between the Monte Creek Interchange to east of Bostock Road.

Phase 2 improvements included:

  • 7.5 km section widened to 100 km/h four-lane design standard
  • 2.6-metre-wide median
  • 2.5-metre-wide paved shoulders
  • Roadside barriers
  • Improved access to highway with turn lanes
  • Deceleration lanes and new frontage roads
  • Grade-separated interchange at Pritchard

Project cost

The total project cost (both phases) is estimated at $68.9 million. The project is cost-shared, with the Government of Canada contributing $16.7 million.


Phase 1 completed in 2012; Phase 2 completed in 2016

Project Benefits

  • Increase safety on a section that has a higher-than-average crash rate
  • Increase capacity and movement for route with high percentage of trucks
  • Improve sight distance for westbound traffic

Public Consultation