Highway 1 - Illecillewaet

Completed Illecillewaet Project Overhead

This portion of the Highway 1 Kamloops to Alberta program involved expanding the existing brake check area and four-laning a two kilometre section of Highway 1, 42 kilometres east of Revelstoke.

The project included:

  • Expansion of the existing brake check area to accommodate 15 trucks
  • Four-laning of two kilometres to increase vehicle storage during winter closures and to improve passing opportunities year round
  • Acceleration and deceleration lanes for the brake check
  • Improved geometrics to 100 km/h design standard
  • Turn-around to enable trucks and cars to choose an alternative route


Construction was completed in November 2021.

Project Benefits

  • Improved safety and efficiency for users of this highway section, which include commercial transporters, tourists, local residents and general interprovincial and regional travellers
  • Provides a storage area for vehicles during avalanche control and avalanche events
  • Improved safety as trucks enter and leave the brake check

Public Consultation