Register to Collect PST

You need to register to collect PST if you sell or lease taxable goods, or provide software or taxable services in the ordinary course of business in B.C. You may also need to register if you’re located outside the province but make sales in B.C.

You have the following options to register to collect PST:

Registering online is the quickest way to register and in most cases you can receive your PST number the next business day.

Note: If your online application contains errors, we will have to process it manually. This will delay the time it takes for you to receive your registration number.

When you register, you're assigned a new PST number. The new PST numbers are 11 characters long and are in this format:

If you indicate on your registration that you provide four or more units of accommodation in a B.C. jurisdiction that collects the municipal and regional district tax (MRDT), you'll automatically be set up to collect MRDT. Your PST number also applies to your MRDT return.

Examples of When You're Required to Register

In the ordinary course of your business, you:

  • sell taxable goods like alcoholic beverages, motor vehicles, boats, building materials, household or office furniture
  • lease taxable goods like motor vehicles, tools and equipment, aircraft and art work
  • provide services to taxable goods like:
    • repairing or maintaining automobiles, knives, watches, TVs
    • applying protective treatments like fabric protection
  • sell software
  • provide legal services or telecommunication services
  • provide four or more units of accommodation

Examples of When You Don't Need to Register

  • you sell only non-taxable or exempt goods like food for human consumption, bicycles or children’s clothing
  • you provide only non-taxable or exempt services like transportation or dry cleaning services
  • you're a wholesaler

Businesses previously registered to collect PST or hotel room tax under the Social Service Tax Act and Hotel Room Tax Act need to apply for a new PST registration number.