Update your property tax account information

If your address, name or the owners of your property change, you’re responsible for updating your municipality, the province and other offices.

Find out how to update your property tax information:

Misdirected statements and notices may result in late payment penalties and interest charges. Keep your account information current so you receive important documents, such as your:

  • annual property tax notice
  • property assessment notice
  • property account statements

Change your property tax address

When your address changes, you need to update your address with your municipality or the province if your property is in a rural area. Other offices you should notify are:

Rural area properties

To make an address change with the Rural Property Tax office, you must contact BC Assessment and The Land Title and Survey Authority office.

  • The BC Assessment office manages the address database that our system uses and we get updates from them every week. If they do not have your latest mailing address, our system will automatically get over written next week with the information they have for you. The BC Assessment Authority can be contacted at 1 866 825-8322 or you can fill out their on-line form: https://eforms.bcassessment.ca/address_change_form.asp. Any changes made with BC Assessment will be reflected in our system in 7 – 10 days.
  • The Land Title and Survey Authority office must also be informed of the update as well. That is the office that holds all legal information for a property. It is very important that the Land Title and Survey Authority have your correct mailing address so that any future correspondence from their office reaches you. You can inform the Land Title and Survey Authority office of the change in mailing address by calling 1-877-577-5872 or by using this link: https://ltsa.ca/property-information/change-address

If you have not received your tax notice and require an immediate update to your mailing address in order to receive a Rural Property Tax Notice, contact our office at: 1-888-355-2700; or 250-387-0555. You are still required to inform the BC Assessment office and The Land Title and Survey Authority office. If they are not advised of your updated address when we receive updates from them, the previous outdated records they have for you will overwrite ours.

You can also update your address for ICBC and Medical Services Plan using this link: https://www.addresschange.gov.bc.ca/. This will help if you are applying for the Home Owner Grant on the property.”

Temporary address changes

We can only record one address for each registered owner at a time. If you have a temporary address, you need to change your address again once the address change occurs. All statements and tax notices are mailed to the last-known address.

Change your tax deferment address

If you have deferred your property taxes and have an open account, you can change your tax deferment address by phone:

  • 250-387-0555
  • Toll free 1-888-355-2700

Change your property title

You're responsible for making sure your property ownership records are correct. This is important as property assessments and property tax notices are sent to the last-known address of the owner(s) on record.

Registered properties

You can make ownership changes to the land title for your property through the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia, such as:

Manufactured homes

You can make ownership changes to your manufactured home by contacting the Manufactured Home Registry.

Crown land

You can make tenure changes to leased crown land by contacting the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

Change your name

Owners are responsible for ensuring property ownership records are correct. If you have changed your name, or if the name on your tax notice is spelled incorrectly, please contact: