Group/Shared Hunts

Up to four applicants can be included in one Group/Shared Hunt.

Start a new Group/Shared LEH application

  • Choose one hunter (Initiator) from your hunting party to Start a new Group/Shared LEH application.
  • At the time of purchase, the Initiator can add other hunters to the Group/Shared and pay for their applications, OR invite them to join on their own and pay for themselves separately, after the Group/Shared is created.
  • After the Initiator creates the Group/Shared application, the system assigns a five-digit alphanumeric Group ID for the group.
  • The Initiator must provide the Group ID to any hunters who wish to join and pay separately.

Join an existing Group/Shared LEH application

You must have the Group ID before you can Join an Existing Group/Shared.

  • The hunter who started the Group/Shared must provide you with the Group ID. You can then Apply for LEH from your profile page, and then select Join Existing Group/Shared on the LEH application page.  Enter the Group ID, review the application, and click Submit. You can then pay for your application.


  • Take the Group ID (provided by the Initiator) to a vendor location and ask a service provider to enter your application into the Group/Shared LEH.

Instructions for Group/Shared initiator

On the LEH application page:

  1. Select the Draw you are applying for.
  2. Select Start a new Group/Shared.
  3. Type your 4-digit hunt code in the First Choice Hunt field.
  4. If you wish, enter your optional Second Choice hunt code.
  5. If you wish to add and pay for applications for additional Group Members, enter each group member's Fish & Wildlife ID, last name, and first initial.
  6. After entering a group member’s information, select Add Hunter to Group.
  7. You can add up to 3 hunters to the Group.
  8. You must check the box to confirm you have been authorized by each person in the group to submit an LEH application on their behalf.
  9. When you have finished selecting your hunts and adding group members, click Submit.
  10. After you confirm and pay for the LEH application(s), a Group ID will appear on your Receipt — you must provide this Group ID to anyone who wishes to join the Group and pay for their application separately.

Inviting other hunters to join

When you Start a Group/Shared, the system will generate a Group ID for your Group/Shared Hunt.

If other hunters plan to join your  Group/Shared hunt on their own (and pay separately), they must have the Group ID. As the Initiator, you are responsible for providing other hunters with the Group ID. If you have an email program on your computer, you can select Invite/Email Other Hunters to Join on the LEH Application Receipt page. An email will be generated with the Group/Shared hunt information, including the Group ID. You will need to fill in the email addresses of the hunters you wish to invite.

Leave a Group/Shared Hunt

You can leave a Group/Shared hunt at any time. If you click Leave Group on the Receipt page, your application will be converted to an Individual hunt application and you won't be able to change the application or rejoin the Group/Shared hunt. Other hunters in the Group/Shared hunt won't be affected. You can also void your application if you wish to remove it from the draw. Refunds aren't given for Void applications. Please Make sure you Leave or Void the correct Group/Shared hunt!