Hunting and angling offences

Provincial violation tickets

Violation tickets are a legal process used to charge a person or business who has committed an offence under the Wildlife Act or its Regulations or the Firearm Act . In certain circumstances licence action, that is, suspension or cancellation of licences, may also occur as an administrative penalty.

For information about paying federal fisheries violation tickets, visit Pay a federal contravention ticket

Paying your fine

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) collects fines on behalf of the provincial government for violation tickets issued under any provincial statute in the Offence Act, such as the Wildlife Act. Fines can be paid in the following ways:

By phone (quickest option)

  • Call 1-888-343-2240 or 604-661-2240 (Vancouver)
  • ICBC accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express as well as Visa Debit and Debit MasterCard.
  • For efficient processing, ensure you have your violation ticket, payment card and driver's licence number (if available) ready

By mail

Send the following:

  • a cheque or money order payable to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, and
  • a photocopy of the front of the ticket, or a note with the following details:
    • the ticket number and date
    • your full name, address, driver's licence number and date of birth, and
    • the Act and Section number of the offence. (This information is written on the ticket.)
  • Mail to:

Ticket Payment Processing
Bag 3505
Victoria, B.C.
V8W 3N9

Please visit ICBC - Paying a Ticket for more information.

If you intend to file a dispute, please read the reverse side of your ticket for details and contact the agency responsible or your local court house for more information.

Suspension and cancellation of licences under the Wildlife Act

If you are convicted of an offence under the Wildlife Act or its Regulations or the Firearm Act either by pleading guilty to the charge or being deemed guilty, be aware that section 85 of the Wildlife Act provides that if you fail to pay a fine within the time required, all licences (hunting and angling), permits and limited entry hunting authorizations issued to you, under the Wildlife Act, will be cancelled immediately. Note that the $25 discount for paying fine(s) within 30 days of ticket issuance that applies to some violation tickets does not apply to tickets issued for offences under the Wildlife Act or its Regulations or the Firearm Act. These fines must be paid in full.

If you were subject to a Hunting Suspension due to application of section 85 and have subsequently paid your fine(s) but the suspension remains on your FWID profile, please contact with your name, FWID, ticket number and payment details (including proof of payment, if available) and the suspension will be reviewed and completed (if applicable) in 3-5 business days.

Licence action may also be taken under section 24 of the Wildlife Act.

Automatic licence cancellation

Under section 24 of the Wildlife Act and Section 7.04 B.C. Reg. 340/82 Wildlife Act General Regulation – Periods of Ineligibility for a Licence:

  • Where a person has been convicted of an automatic charge, licences affected are suspended for a specific period.
  • Should the conviction be an automatic licence cancellation, the period of cancellation is listed in table format under section 7.04 of B.C. Regulation 340/82.
  • The conviction and length of an automatic licence cancellation cannot be appealed.

Director’s decision (Recommended licence action)

Under section 24 of the Wildlife Act: Suspension and Cancellation of Licences

  • A licence suspension or cancellation has been recommended to the director by enforcement personnel.
  • The director has the authority to cancel, for any other cause considered sufficient by the director, and after providing an opportunity for the person to be heard, any licence(s) or limited entry hunting authorization and all rights under it.
  • The director may order a person ineligible to obtain or renew licence(s) or limited entry hunting authorization for a period.
  • No conviction is necessary to make a decision by the director.
  • Director’s decision may be appealed by filing an appeal with the Environmental Appeal Board

Filing an appeal with the Environmental Appeal Board (EAB)

You have thirty (30) days from the day you receive notice to file your appeal. When filing your appeal a fee of $25 is required. For more information about filing an appeal please visit Environmental Appeal Board - Appeal Process.

For more information about appeals made under the Wildlife Act, please visit EAB Decisions - Wildlife Act