Pay a federal contravention ticket

Paying the ticket in part or in full is considered pleading guilty to the offence described in the ticket.

By mail

Pay with cheque or money order by mail. Do not send cash. Include a copy of the front of the ticket with your payment – if you cannot provide a copy, include the following information:

  • The ticket number (located on the top right corner on the front of the ticket, starting with the prefix "FC")
  • Your full name, address, driver's licence number and date of birth
  • The violation date, plus the title of the act and section number that correspond to the contravention as shown on the front of the ticket

Send payment and ticket information to:

Revenue Administration
Bag 3505
Victoria, B.C.  V8W 3N9

Receipts will not be issued.

NSF cheques will be subject to additional charges.

In person

Make a payment using:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit card
  • Money order

Tickets can be paid at any of the following locations – be sure to bring a copy of the ticket with you: