Fire services, standards and reporting

The Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) provides:

  • Applicable legislation and codes
  • Firefighter standards and training
  • Fire incident reporting
  • Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner (LAFC)
  • Fire service awards

Fire legislation, regulations, and codes

Fire safety and prevention is governed by legislation and regulations.

Standards and training

Firefighter standards and training are managed by the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

Fire incident reporting

Specific fires are legally required to be reported.

Fire service awards

Firefighters and citizens may be eligible for awards.

Local Assistants to the Fire Commissioner

This role supports the Fire Commissioner in administration of fire legislation.

Education and social media resources

Emergency education programs and toolkits to build awareness in your community.


Contact the Office of the Fire Commissioner

Ask a question or get more information about fire safety, prevention and education.