Domestic violence - your safety

It is impossible to predict whether someone will be violent or when they will escalate their violence.

Increased danger may occur at the following times.  Being aware of the risks can be a first step to protecting yourself. 

If you are in Immediate danger or fear for your safety: Call the Police right away . . . 911

  • Immediately following disclosure of the abuse to someone outside the family
  • Immediately after announcing you are going to leave
  • Immediately after you have left
  • When the accused is released by police
  • During a charging process or plea discussion
  • When initiating legal actions such as divorce, issues related to children or property settlement
  • When any papers are served such as protection orders, notification of divorce or separation proceedings
  • When you enter another relationship

If you are considering leaving, even just for a short time (i.e. going to a Transition House or a relative’s house), there are some important items for you to take with you.  Collect these items or make copies ahead of time and keep them in a safe place in case you need to leave urgently:

  • Driver’s license, social insurance card (SIN), birth certificates (yours and your children’s)
  • CareCard, medications, medical records (yours and your children’s)
  • Marriage license, custody and access papers, divorce papers, protection orders, peace bonds or restraining orders
  • Passport, permanent residence status card, immigration or refugee papers
  • Money, cheque book, debit and/or credit cards, bank book or bank statement
  • Lease, rental agreement, house deed
  • House keys, car keys
  • Address book, phone numbers